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Mittal Group

Mittal Group was founded in 1907 by late Mr. Gangaram Mittal. Six generations of the family have transformed a small Brass mill into India’s largest manufacturer of Cases, Tubes, Cups, Coin Blanks, Medals, Strips and Foils. Mittal Appliances has an A- credit rating.

Our flagship companies Mittal Appliances Limited and Mittal Coin Private Limited are engaged in producing small arm ammunition components, catering to the needs of prestigious clientele worldwide, collectively employing more than 500 highly-trained people, with revenues crossing US$130 million (INR 10 billion), as on March 31, 2022.

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We are driven by ethics and committed to deliver value to our customers. We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency, enabling a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship with our customers. We are committed and responsible towards sustainability and betterment of the society.




Mittal Group Founded


Established central India’s first Brass rolling mill


Incorporated Mittal Appliances Limited


Strips supply to Indian Government Mints


Brass & Gilding Metal Coils manufacturing started


Modern coin-blanks manufacturing facility set-up


Started supplying coin blanks to Indian Government Mints


Export of coins to Thailand, Dominican Republic & Peru


Started supplies of Cartridge Brass to Indian Ordinance Factories
Started supplies of Nickel-Brass coils to Indian Mints


Prestigious order for supplies of medals to the Indian Navy


Started manufacturing Brass and Gilding metal Coils


Started supplies of cartridge cases


Continues to be the preferred supplier to defence industry

Our Directors

Dinesh Mittal

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Mittal has been the Chairman of the Mittal Group since 1974. He has also been the Chairman of major Mittal companies, including Mittal Appliances Limited and Mittal Coin Private Limited.

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Anshul Mittal

Executive Director

Anshul Mittal is the Executive Director of Mittal Appliances Limited (MAL), the flagship company of Mittal Group - history of which dates back to 116 years in the business of non-ferrous metals in Central India.

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Ankit Mittal


Ankit D. Mittal is the Director-Marketing at Mittal Coin Private Limited (MCPL), where he focuses on new product development, sales & marketing, and accounts & finance. Ankit D. Mittal is the Director-Marketing at Mittal Coin

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Arnav Mittal


Arnav Mittal is leading Mittal group’s digitization and Industry 4.0 initiatives. He has also played a key role in the selection of key quality equipment to improve data accuracy and reliability.

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Our Team

Praveen CK

Business Coach

Praveen CK is an execution-oriented professional with deep experience in helping build high performance organizations.

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Amit Kapoor

Marketing Head

A veteran in the field of non-ferrous marketing serving the coinage and defense industries across the globe for more than 2 decades and holding a masters degree in International business.

Johar Quaid

Plant Head

An enthusiastic, result-driven professional with 19+ years of experience in Production Operations, Process Planning, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Management, Third Party Control and Team Management.

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Nilesh Jain

Purchase & Commercial Head

Nilesh Jain completed his post-graduation in Accounts and Taxation after which he joined the group in the year 2001. He has also completed an MBA in Supply Chain Management.

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Kunal Devmurar

HR Head

Being the head of the Human resource department, he has always tried to display integrity. Honesty and frankness are the hallmarks of his entire career. He has the ability to make quick decisions.

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