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The values that govern Mittal Group should help in achievement of the goals and desires of all who are a part of its success: owners, employees, suppliers, customers and community. All our actions will prove our dedication to integrity, honesty and fairness. Our sustainable growth should always be guided by the principles of improving prosperity of the society, reducing environmental impact of all our operations, and enhancing livelihoods. 

We will strive to establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with both suppliers and customers. We will aggressively grow our business by accessing global markets. We will work closely with our customers to exceed their demands of product quality, response time and price competitiveness. 

The structure of our company will encourage creativity, innovation and the acceptance of responsibility in its employees. To ensure sustainable growth for our business, we will continuously take up the challenge offered by new ideas and technology. We will be totally committed to achieving exceptional standards of performance and productivity.

Our values, which are embedded throughout our business, set the criteria for how we expect our people to behave with colleagues, clients, vendors, and the world at large. We seek to treat everyone fairly and consistently, creating a workplace and business environment that is open, transparent and trusted.

Our policies and procedures relating to the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 are in line with our culture and values.

In line with our values and the all laws of the land, we ensure that child labour, forced labour, slavery, and human trafficking is not taking place within any of our businesses and we strive to ensure the same in all parts pf our supply chain with our business partners. We will not tolerate such activities either within the supply chain or within any part of our business. If any such conduct is found in any part of our operations/ supply chain, we will take strict measures against such acts including termination of association and reporting to relevant authorities.

We source our raw materials from trusted, renowned and long-serving suppliers globally, after evaluation of their businesses in terms of financial strength, capability, quality, health & safety performance, environmental practices, reputation, and others. This ensures that they too follow the global human rights principles and ethical business practices.

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