114 Years of Excellence

It took the vision of an innovator, the knowledge of experts, and the commitment of 5 generations to help the Mittal Group cross 114 years of meaningful existence. Established in 1907, Mittal Group is today in the business of manufacturing of cartridge case cups, bullet jacket cups, coin-blanks, coins, medals, tokens, strips, foils, and Copper-ware & components, with supplies spread over four continents. With a diverse, talented, and experienced workforce of more than 400 employees led by a competent management, the Mittal Group stands as one of the most recognised names in the Indian Coinage & Copper-alloys rolled-products industries. The group enjoys the leadership status in the manufacture of Copper-alloys coins and blanks.


The $100 million Mittal Group has capacity to produce over 1 billion coin-blanks at its state-of-the-art plant in Indore and is also the first Indian company to export minted currency coins, in association with the Indian Government Mints.

We manufacture cartridge case cups and bullet jacket cups in various calibers (5.56, 7.62, 9 and other calibers) for small arm ammunition, with an annual capacity of 500 million pcs.

We have state-of-the-art, integrated facility for manufacturing high-quality Copper & Copper alloy rolled products, where we manufacture Copper foils, starting from 25 microns thickness. Our products are used extensively in cable, radiator, automotive and electrical industries. Our prestigious clientele includes leading companies in these sectors across the globe.

We also manufacture long service award medals, tokens, lapel pins and accessories in precious and non-precious metals.

As part of our ongoing and ever-lasting commitment to benefit the society, Mittal Group carries out a number of community services including health camps, aid-distribution camps, building water-reservoirs, and setting up small schools in tribal areas. Additionally, as an ongoing effort, we continue to put little Green dots in the environment, with our plantation activities.







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