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Badges, Lapel Pins and more

We supply wide range of Badges, Lapel Pins, Airline Wings, Cuff-links, and various other accessories, gifts and souvenirs, in Gold, Silver, Gold-plated Silver & Copper alloys, used as symbols of belongingness. These are highly customised and personalised products that come with features such as enamelling, lacquering, colouring, plating, and engraving of individual names. We have been manufacturing these products for leading clients including Air India, ISB, Spice Jet, Tata Group, Trujet, Jet Airways, Madras Race Club (Chennai), Mysore Race Club (Mysuru), Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Daly College, among others. Many of these accessories are available on our specialised website: COINZKART.COM. coinzkart.com




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